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  • Do I Get an Operations Manual?
    When you become an Private Fairway owner you will be granted access to our online operations manual. This is a web-based program that is regularly updated with new information. It contains topics designed to help you launch and operate your Private Fairway franchise.
  • Will I Get Help Selecting a Site and Building My Club?
    As much help as you request. Remember, your success is our success. Therefore, we will do whatever it takes to get you started in the right manner.
  • What Can I Expect to Make from My Business?
    Income from each Private Fairway varies based on many variables including market size, demographics, efforts made by owners, competency, and economic factors.* We can put you in touch with Private Fairway operators, and you can discuss their revenue and income with them. *Our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides you with in-depth information regarding projected annual earnings and revenues.
  • Do I Get an Exclusive Territory with My Franchise?
    Yes. You will be granted an exclusive territory. We can discuss with you how Privat Fairway implements its territory development.
  • How does Private Fairway Create Revenue?
    Most of your revenue will come through membership sales. We will reccommend monthly and one-time membership options which the member will pay through electronic funds transfer (EFT). EFT's can occur through credit card payments, PayPal, checking drafts, etc. Your memberhship rates may vary depending on market conditions and your offerings. We will work with you to suggest a pricing structure and membership options.
  • How Much Are the Franchise Fees?
    The fees for Private Fairway are very attractive. Our fee structure includes a one-time $12,000 franchise fee and an ongoing $500 monthly payment. Most franchisors take a percentage of gross sales. With Private Fairway, you don't pay fees based on sales totals.
  • How Many Hours Will I Work Each Week at My Private Fairway?
    That decision is completely up to you. Most owners maintain full-time jobs and watch over their Private Fairway with regular cleanings and member orientations. Most daily managment and member relations can be handled through your mobile phone.
  • Is there a Benefit to Owning Multiple Private Fairway Locations?
    Yes. In adiditon to some economies of scale, we provide a discount on your initial franchise fee for your second and third location.
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